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Siege Master

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Siege Master

Siege Master

Description: Set the angle and power and then shoot the rocks withyour catapult to crush your enemies.


Number of Times Played:161391

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High Scores

8 reviews for Siege Master

Review by Klarda

It's a great game, I like it so much!!!

Review by Ashley Lowiss

Every time you leave this website and return to it your catipult and the number of missiles that you can buy is reset to what it is to start with. Also there is no way to restart the entire game so you can get them back.

Review by Ulric42

Love he game, but the siege engines and ammo are not accessable after leaving the game which is really annoying to say he least. other than that, a great game!

Review by lukiee

I haven`t plated the whole game but i do find it good. but its nm of a brilliant game

Review by Me

Fun game but severely bugged. sometimes it wont even load! (the counter remains at 00%, even after refreshing a few times) Sometimes you can buy ammo, sometimes you cant..most of the time all ammo slots are replaced by a [?], I'm stuck on the last level because i've only got the default ammo (rock) to shoot.

Review by @@@@


Review by angefe-online

Leer el mundo blog, bastante bueno

Review by que se yo

y mas o menos esto chee

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